Catherine Tran

ACT-1 Group, Torrance, CA

Catherine recently joined the Legal team as counsel at the ACT-1 Group in Torrance. As part of the corporate legal department, Catherine manages litigation and provides litigation strategy on corporate legal matters. Some of her duties include reviewing and drafting vendor contracts, drafting letters, and analyzing statutes and case law. Catherine assists the Legal department in facilitating work flow between the different departments of the corporation.Prior to her work at ACT-1, Catherine worked at State Compensation Insurance Fund, the largest workers’ compensation insurance company in California. She managed over 250 cases with responsibility in all aspects of litigation, defending the insurance company at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, counseling client on case strategy, analyzing risks and costs of every case, and drafting agreements and settlements.

Catherine joined the Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California after she graduated from law school and recently became a Board member for the 2012-2014 year term.

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